Monday, August 31, 2009

A Tour around THE capital...

So - our tour starts at the Hauptplatz (~main square) which is about 500m from my flat. This cloud above totally looks like a skull btw...

We take the Pöstlingbergbahn (with the new retro designed waggons) - which is working there (also with the original carts) for more than 100 years and is one of the steepest tracks that is operated without cogwheels or cables... Here's the route:


And here is the new train:

That's Linz - it is huuuuge - I didn't even get all of it on one photo! I really liked the crane - somebody got too much money and is building a villa up there, which upset a lot of pple, but I really liked how that crane works as a pictureframe. perfect!

Wonderful late summer light!

A meeting of orange guys was providing a nice color set just for me.

Soooo this promises an interesting upcoming weekend. We got this major event Klangwolke with the theme "Flood", and some of the animals where already running around in the city...

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