Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Cloud spoke in swooshing Sounds: FLOOD

A lot was going on this cold Saturday. In the afternoon animals gathered on the main square, desperately looking for a way out. I didn't feel it yet, but they knew already - the flood was about to come...

Some of them took their chance hunting distracted game.

There were also some weirdos shouting "the end is near" - I was a bit surprised, but there was nothing I could do - I was hungry, and well, whatever was going to happen was surely better dealt with a full stomach. I got a delicious eggplant filled with cheese, bell pepper and potatoes. (that's the revenge for tenshin don!)

Later that day a shepherd came forward and led the herd to an arch. I found a dead tyrannosaur on the way to the arch - now that explains why they are extinct! sad thing...

When darkness came and the night brought the cold, it happened, and all I could do was watch, and document hoping somebody would survive... Icebergs were floating down the river, I watched in terror when destroyed homes were carried away, ...

And then! The arch exploded, I was frozen solid - it was burning!

But there is hope, some animals were able to reach dry land.

I survived - I guess I was blessed! Crawling I found a warm place - I was waiting until everything was over - drinking beer... I had to drink a lot to overcome my fear.

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