Monday, October 12, 2009

The Riddler

So, would you like to hear about a riddler who didn't dress in toxic green, but in colors of brown and gray, who always had a friendly smile?
His favorite joke was:

What's that?
It goes tic toc tic toc, it hangs on the wall,
and if it falls down, the clock is kaput?

Anyways, he loved kids, painting, driving, "Kling Glöckchen", colored trees in autumn, the neighbors dog and a lot of other stuff...
I was thinking of him a lot the last few days, and yesterday when i was walking around to take some pictures he came through. I don't know, many of my photos are just not how I would shoot them, they are more like the nice, (cheesy) views we know from the "Heimatfilme" - I guess this genre is not known in english speaking countries, because the translation I found is "sentimental film with regional background" - think of it as "western" just without the west...

Pfiat di!

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