Friday, November 6, 2009

Burning Universities...

According to the Police there were about 500 students and solidarized people demonstrating in Linz. I'm hard at guessing numbers, but normally numbers by the police are significantly lower, than those by the organizers.
Anyway, there were demonstrations in vienna (8000-20000), salzburg (400), graz, innsbruck, klagenfurt - also students in seven german cities solidarized with austrian protesters...standard,FM4
One of the main demands is, that education should be free, university education and research should be independent and not directed by industry,...
I found it interesting to hear that while there is less and less money for universities, dividends at viennas stock-market went up by 350% from 2004-2008 and investment into military went up by 35%. Werkstatt Frieden&Solidaritaet
I was heavily disappointed by the AG (= "my dad has his own company" students party) who declared themselves against these student actions - students should study and let politicians solve everything. But honestly - there wouldn't be any protests if they would do their work, instead of illegal investments and being threatened by prosecution for their crimes...
Wake up - you are a students party - not lawyers of those giddy clowns!

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