Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Introduction to India

What do you guys know about India? Something you saw on TV or what your friends told you? Forget it, you got to go and see for yourself, it will be completely different!

I normally don't do anything like this, but this time I kept a diary, because I got the feeling, that I would forget it all. There was just too much input and it was really intense on all the senses.

That is about the Journey we were going to undertake.


After about 14h of flight from Munich with a stop in Dubai we arrived in Bangalore in the morning.

We were picked up by Sankeerth who brought us to the Tata Institute of Science where we could relax a bit and had lunch before we continued to the bus station to catch our bus to Ooty (7-8h drive).

We reached Ooty (2250m altitude) in the morning - coming through a forest in the cold, blue, morning fog, before we went up the mountains. The planes were still dark, when the sun rose and sent it's golden beams over the mountain tops, it was awesome. Suddenly everything was colorful and the birds started to make noise (not all of them have a beautiful singing voice)...
We drove through the dark green tea gardens sprinkled with red and white and purple and ... flowers.

Tamil Nadu in the late morning sun - hot enough to burn your skin during a tea break, if you are used to central european winter...

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