Thursday, September 2, 2010

RocK Amadur & Dom

Roccamadour is a wonderful sight, it's also a famous spot on the way of st.james to Santiago (Spain). The rock is about 400 ft high with the town in the valley, the castle on top, and the pilgrim sanctuary in between.
It's defenitly worth a visit, the sanctuary has an eglise, several chapels and a crypta - take some time, there is a high possibility that one of them is closed for public because of pilgrim praying inside.
There is also lots of history, famous pilgrims were coming through over the centuries, and imagine they all slid up the stairs on their knees praying. And this place was hot! I couldn't get enough shadow.

o.k. i betrayed my principles and assembled a panorama of roccamadour from the top of the castle. click to enlarge!

Domme is a small town with a great view over the river dordogne.

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