Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Castle

The south part, which is now newly rebuilt (after it burnt down some time back in 18 hundred) is part of the "Schlossmuseum" and has a brand new exhibition about upper austria, it's geology, fossils, animals, plants and how man changed the environment. I was not allowed to take pictures inside, but have a look for yourself, it's worth it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Old Hag's Summer

Or Indian Summer - that's what we have right now - which means beautiful light at our latitude - so I'm busy taking photos.

It's a bit hazy, which is great for the atmosphere, on a clear day you would see the mountains at the horizon - hopefully I can show you that in winter.

At the city limit, there is a small settlement, where you feel like you were in a small unknown village... which is cool - because it's still in walking distance from the main square - got to face it, I live in nothing more than a village with a fair number of pubs.


Where's the show?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Distorted view of History

Lets go for a walk through the ancient part of Linz. I'll bring my lensbaby for focusing your attention.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Eye of & the Tiger Shark

I know there are some guys out there who are crazy Sharks (don't know why) - well Linz is the way to go!! We got this new Eye "Linzer Auge" (which is also the name for good local cookies) - there should be two segments inside that should counter-rotate powered by the river...
Anyways, there's a shark close by, just in case somebody falls into the danube!

We got a HighLine too

So we got this huge wooden path-construction "Höhenrausch" (you could translate it as "high-altitude euphoria") on the rooftops of a parking garage and a shopping center including a giant wheel and lots of art installations, like that "Bubbleman".
The First picture is more or less, what I'd do if I had to do Flyers/Posters for that Event - I think it's pretty slick.

You start through the OK building where the staircase at some point becomes wooden, and you climb the rooftop from outside the building.

This is one of the installations with Helium filled balloons - it's fun how the bundle moves when you move one of them - never let the child within die.

High up floats the "bubbleman" - when he's up, this funpark is open. There is a movie later on, that shows how a guy blows up a balloon until he starts to fly high up into the stratosphere, where he finds his tragic end - you know it's all that physics stuff with pressure ;)
The yellow cart, is modified to a vertical kiosk.

On this one the shower makes music, using the umbrella as resonance body - I think it's controlled by the waterpressure. Pretty fun - the umbrellas are not totally waterproof. Got a view sprinkles on my camera, which was fine for me. If you're not sure better put it somewhere dry!

That beats Coney Island what do you think?

You can see the wooden locks on the right that make the path over the rooftops, the blue building in the back is another muesum. But the capture here is all about the old woman in the chair. I love this!

Thats a dead end on one of the roof-corners, where you can look straight down...

Pretty nice ha?

Time to go down again -

- but first visit the Paradise Garden on top of the Ursulinenkirche and memorize a wisdom of life.

Sooo if you guys got interested - the fun will be over at the end of October...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Cloud spoke in swooshing Sounds: FLOOD

A lot was going on this cold Saturday. In the afternoon animals gathered on the main square, desperately looking for a way out. I didn't feel it yet, but they knew already - the flood was about to come...

Some of them took their chance hunting distracted game.

There were also some weirdos shouting "the end is near" - I was a bit surprised, but there was nothing I could do - I was hungry, and well, whatever was going to happen was surely better dealt with a full stomach. I got a delicious eggplant filled with cheese, bell pepper and potatoes. (that's the revenge for tenshin don!)

Later that day a shepherd came forward and led the herd to an arch. I found a dead tyrannosaur on the way to the arch - now that explains why they are extinct! sad thing...

When darkness came and the night brought the cold, it happened, and all I could do was watch, and document hoping somebody would survive... Icebergs were floating down the river, I watched in terror when destroyed homes were carried away, ...

And then! The arch exploded, I was frozen solid - it was burning!

But there is hope, some animals were able to reach dry land.

I survived - I guess I was blessed! Crawling I found a warm place - I was waiting until everything was over - drinking beer... I had to drink a lot to overcome my fear.